What is an average age of the firm’s employees?

It is 33 years. The firm’s employees range from 23 to 60 years old.

What about the firm’s gender structure?

The number of female and male employees of the firm is approximately equal — 45% and 55% respectively.

What is the firm’s specialization?

  • Litigation;
  • International commercial arbitration;
  • Corporate law;
  • Tax law;
  • Intellectual property law;
  • Private international law;
  • The WTO law.

What is the geographical reach of the firm’s activity? 

The firm operates in the territory of the Russian Federation, the CIS, Western Europe (the Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden, Luxembourg) and USA. The firm’s activity is not limited by geographical borders – our knowledge and experience enable us to undertake various projects in any country of the world. We cooperate with the lawyers from multiple countries and have more than once accomplished the most challenging tasks together.  

What universities have been the firm’s lawyers’ alma maters?

The firm’s attorneys and lawyers graduated from the following Russian universities:

  • Moscow State Institute of International Relations under the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs — 26% (2 partners);
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University — 19%;
  • Moscow State Law Academy — 11%;
  • Russian Foreign Trade Academy — 8%.

The following universities are represented by only one attorney or lawyer:

  • Russian Justice Academy;
  • Russian Law Academy under the Russian Ministry of Justice;
  • Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia;
  • Russian State University for the Humanities (partner);
  • Tver State University (partner);
  • Omsk State University;
  • Perm State University;
  • Bryansk State University;
  • Volgograd State University;
  • Ural State Law Academy.

There are 5 PhDs in law, 4 post-graduates and 1 LLM student in the firm.

What about the firm’s organizational structure?

The Firm consists of three organizational units

1. Field-specific unit, which includes attorneys and lawyers.

2. Support unit, which includes:

  • IT Department;
  • HR Department;
  • Information Service;
  • Financial Department;
  • Translation Department;
  • Supply and Operation Department;
  • Secretariat;
  • Courier’s Service.

3. Organization & Business Development unit, which includes:

  • Organization & Business Development Department;
  • PR Department;
  • Marketing Department.

Every Department is managed by the Head of the Department and supervised by one of the Partners. The firm is managed by the Board of Partners consisting of two Managing Partners, two Partners and Organization & Business Development Director.

What are the firm’s mission and ideology? What about the firm’s strategic plans?

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