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New partners at Muranov, Chernyakov & Partners

24 May 2016, Categories: HP news

Muranov, Chernyakov & Partners law firm announces the appointment of Oleg Moskvitin and Maxim Platonov as the partners of the firm. The growth and strengthening of “Antimonopoly Law” and “Bankruptcy” practices, headed by the new partners, took place thanks to the successful work and increase of the number of clients and projects in these areas.


Today Friday, 20 July, 2018 year


  • The research of the expert from Muranov, Chernyakov & Partners was published in Brooklyn Journal of International Law

    Brooklyn Journal of International Law published an analytical article about international arbitration awards on terms agreed by the parties written by Dmitry Davydenko, LL.M., attorney of Muranov, Chernyakov & Partners, in co-authorship with Yaroslav Krivoy (LL.M., MCIArb).

  • Recovery of legal costs by eye-witnesses KILL BILLА

    It is for a long time that courts estimated quite modestly the work of the court representatives. The amounts of costs recovered were significantly “cut” which levelled down the value of the judicial protection itself. This was the case despite nearly imperative instructions of the supreme courts on unacceptability of arbitrary reduction of the amounts recovered. However, there are several cases in the Russian courts’ practice which completely changed the approach to recovery of such costs reflecting a new position on the “success fee”.

  • Reaching for the Money

    As it became known to, the creditors of the Project Financing Bank are seeking increase of the credit establishment’s bankruptcy assets from the administrator represented by the Deposit Insurance Agency. Until present there have been no precedents of the depositors’ representative playing a key role in returning the assets of the banks that went bankrupt.

  • ITAR-TASS: The New Law on Consumer Credit Does Not Help Borrowers Estimate the Total Credit Cost So Far

    ITAR-TASS correspondents decided to check how the banks meet new requirements, paying a visit to four leaders of the Moscow POS-crediting market. The experts of Muranov, Chernyakov & Partners give to the agency their comments on the new law on consumer credit.

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30 October 2015

What is an average age of the firm’s employees?

It is 33 years. The firm’s employees range from 23 to 60 years old.

What about the firm’s gender structure?

The number of female and male employees of the firm is approximately equal — 45% and 55% respectively.

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